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117 France France

  "How can you lead a country that has two hundred and forty six different kinds of cheese?" (Charles de Gaulle, French president, 1oct 1962). If he were alive today, the General de Gaulle would have had to revise his statement - France now boasts over 400 varieties of cheese, this suggesting to a large extent the country's cultural diversity. Much of its originallity comes from the fact that its territories are found in all major regions of the continent, each with its own personality. Both the diversity of landscape and...
117 Spain Spain

   Spain is the perfect destination for adventurers, gourmands, as well as art lovers. From century-old festivals to different distractions offered by Ibiza island and from Moorish and roman art and architecture to Picasso and Juan Miro, travelers will enjoy a unique diversity. Spain is a country undergoing a continuous transformation - high-speed railways have conquered the country's mountainous terrains, while large cities have modern railroads and subways, which confirm the development of the economy. But along with modernity, ...
114 Italy Italy

   Tourism and Italy are synonymous, since Italy is the paradise of history lovers, with more than 3,000 museums, churches and archaeological sites dating from Roman and Greek periods. There are hundreds of places and sites protected by UNESCO and open to tourists. Islands of Italy such as Capri, famous for its romanticism, or Ischia, with thermal springs, are visited and venerated by hundreds of years.    Renaissance Movement in art and culture has left behind a precious heritage that can be admire...