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Top 10 places to visit for introverted people ( - Destinations)

10 Glasgow Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow, in translation from Celtic means "dear green place" is one of the ideal places for introvert people. The city is really quite expensive and the whole is surrounded by greenery, but it has a very distinctive architectural appearance, combining Gothic, Italian Renaissance, Gregorian and Victorian styles. Glasgow Art is considered the center of Scotland and the venue for numerous festivals. &nb...
9 The Dark Hedges, Ireland The Dark Hedges, Ireland

The Dark Hedges are located in Northern Ireland, within the village of Armoy. The history of the Dark Hedges dates back to 1750, when James Stewart planted 150 saplings. Due to the fact that over the time, the high branches of the trees intertwined, the locals began to call the alley dark . The fans of the popular series of the "Game of Thrones" will remember the scenic Royal Route. The shooting of the movie took place in the Irish ...
8 Santiago de la Ribera, Spain Santiago de la Ribera, Spain

Santiago de la Ribera  is a beautiful city, which is located on the shores of the Mar Menor. This coastal region of San Javier started life as a simple fishing village. Nowadays it has grown into a popular holiday destination. Santiago de la Ribera has a modern look, but it still retains its fishing village atmosphere. It has a very nice promenade with majestic palm trees and 2 km of  fine sandy beach. From here...