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The Best Castle Hotels in the World ( - Castles)

4 Château de Bagnols, France Château de Bagnols, France

The castle was built in the XV century, but it also includes parts of a fortress dating older in 1221. The fortress was damaged after the Second World War, reaching almost a ruin. The year 1987 was the turning point and the revival of the castle: the property was bought by an English philanthropist, Paul Hamlyn, whose wife was involved in restoration, transforming the castle into a luxury spectacular hotel. The renovation has resulted in costs of 10 million pounds and required the hiring of ...
4 Taj Lake Palace, India Taj Lake Palace, India

Built between 1743-1746 as a summer palace of Prince (Maharana) Jagat Singh II, the Taj Lake Palace is now one of the most spectacular luxury hotels in the world. Situated on an island on Lake Pichola, near the town of Udaipur, the Taj Lake Palace is considered the most romantic hotel in India. Throughout its history, the marble palace hosted Lord Curzon, Queen Elizabeth, the actress Vivien Leigh and his wife, JFK, Jacqueline Kennedy. A night in the palace ...
3 Crom Castle, Northern Ireland Crom Castle, Northern Ireland

Built in 1840, the Crom Castle in Northern Ireland is considered one of the most beautiful, historic buildings located in natural areas of interest. The public access to the castle is limited, because it is inhabited today by Lord Erne. The castle is located on Upper Lough Erne, one of the two lakes formed by the bed of the Erne river. There is an area around the castle declared a nature reserve, of over 800 years old which so...