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The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg (Russia - Destinations)

4 Kazan Cathedral Kazan Cathedral

The Orthodox Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, which is one of the largest buildings in the northern capital is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on the Nevsky Prospect.Its height is 71.5 meters. There was a small wooden church of the Kazan Mother of God on the Nevsky Prospekt at the beginning of the XVIII century. In subsequent years, in its place a stone church was built, called Christmas. The Kazan icon of the Mother of God was brought in the temple after and it was called Kazan. In the e...
4 Vasilyevsky Island Vasilyevsky Island

Vasilyevsky Island, or affectionately "Vasika" is a favorite place for the people of the town. Long before this island was known by two names the Finnish Khirvisaari and the Russian Vasilyev Ostrov: "Vasilii 's Island".This is a special place where the breeze of the sea air is saturated with the spirit of imperial grandeur. The eastern part of the island is geometrically flawless: it is shared across by many lines numbered along...
4 Peter and Paul Cathedral Peter and Paul Cathedral

This is the heart of St. Petersburg, the construction since the city began its origin. Peter and Paul Cathedral is situated inside the Peter and Paul Fortress along the Neva river. It is the tallest building after the television tower. Six bastions of the fortress were named after the companions of Peter I, who supervised their construction. Placed symmetrically, they look best from the sky. This can be verified on the spot:  helicopters...