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The Best Places to Visit in Sibiu, Romania (Romania - Destinations)

8 The Big Square The Big Square

The Square was first mentioned in 1411 as a corn market. Starting from the 16th century the  market became the center of the ancient citadel. The public executions and  the public meetings were held here. For hundreds of years it was calledthe  Grosser Ring or Grosser Platz, between wars to King Ferdinand, the Communists called it the Republic, and in 1990 returned to the original name.  The market has a length of 142 m and 93 m in width,it  is one of the largest in Transylvania. The sout...
8 The Evangelical Cathedral The Evangelical Cathedral

The Evangelical Cathedral of Sibiu has had several features over the time, but for surely has been described as "the most remarkable building of Sibiu".  Emil Sigerius, great scientist called it "a true memorial house" of Transylvanian Saxons.Today however it is much more than all this: it is the symbol of Sibiu. The church is best known for its impressive organ, the largest organ in SE Europe.In summer, during June-September eva...
5 The Council Tower The Council Tower

The Council Tower in Sibiu is undoubtedly one of the best known symbols of Sibiu. The Council Tower is located rightly in the center of the city ever since the first bricks were laid for the construction of the burg Hermann. Sibiu was mentioned for the first time in 1191. At that time, only a four storey tower had served as a gateway fortification of the second series of fortifications of the city of Sibiu. Because it is located right next to the building where the gatheri...