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Axum Stelae in The Most Famous Towers in the World
Axum Stelae

Grandiose buildings have always attracted people's attention. Since ancient times, this is an unspoken competition among architects to be the builder of the tallest building, of the longest bridge, of the most original house, of the most beautiful churches, etc. Telling the truth, the architects began to receive recognition for their work only in recent times (since the era of modern times.) Prior to that, until the time of the late Middle Ages, all the laurels battered rulers, barons, knights and other nobles, many of whom did not know what the project construction is. There are several categories of buildings, which, thanks to their impressive size are among the most famous man-made objects. These categories include the pyramids, bridges, towers and skyscrapers. A tower is a high engineering construction. The main differences from the other towers, tall buildings are the lack of braces (console design, fixed only at the bottom)and extremely low internal volume, and sometimes the entire volume of the tower is occupied by only one staircase. As an engineering construction, the tower belongs to the antenna-mast structures. The most commonly towers use antennas and feeder equipment for their location. For example, mobile operators are placed on towers and relay panel antenna. If the height of the antenna-mast structures (AMC), is more than 45 feet , it requires an electricity system. This requirement REGA to ensure safety.


The creators of the Eiffel Tower gave the go-ahead starting the present stage of the competition for the title of " the biggest skyscraper or tower of the world." Built in 1889 it became the tallest (312m) building in the world. Prior to its two thousand years the palm kept Pyramid of Giza (147m). After the Eiffel Tower became the champions of the growth series: the Empire State Building (381m) in New York, Chicago Sears Tower (442m), Malaysia's Petronas Towers (452m), Taiwan's Taipei 101 (508m). The latter was built in 2004 and held the title of the world's tallest skyscraper until 21 July 2007, when the line was broken by the cherished tower Burj Dubai in United Arab Emirates. It rose to a height of 512 meters. The construction of the tower is not yet complete, its completion is scheduled for late 2008. According to the statements of architects, its height will reach a record high indeed - 808 meters. The cost of the construction of the tower is estimated at one billion dollars and has lasted for almost four years. The average rate of the construction of one floor lasted three days. The tower and the adjacent buildings occupied a land of 200 hectares (it cost the owners of the building 20 billion dollars). The tower will be equipped with 56 elevators (incidentally, the fastest in the world), boutiques, swimming pools, apartments class "luxury" hotels, and observation sites . A distinctive feature is the construction of the international working teams: South Korean firm contractor, American architects, Indian builders. Four thousand people had been involved in the construction. The building of the tower was created in the shape of a trefoil - a symbol of life in the desert. Its spire will be visible at a distance of sixty miles. The Burj Dubai Tower will be the center of a large architectural complex. Among the buildings of the huge complex (12ha), there will be an artificial lake, 30 thousand homes, a large park area, nine hotels.


Since ancient times, people seek height. The evidence of this fact can be found everywhere - from the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the modern skyscrapers. The legend of the Tower of Babel explains this tendency as theomachism - people wanted to reach heaven and defeat the gods. Then they did not succeed, God sent the exuberant wind, tossing the tower, and mixed in a sentence all human languages. But people have stubbornly continued to build high-rise structures - whether we wanted to prove his power, or trying to get closer to God, or seeking other worlds ... But as a person - just a man, and him, as did the ancient Romans, to err, it sometimes happened that tall buildings do not want to look up and just started to lean down to its creators. So, many towers fell . The reasons for the fall of the towers is the most different, many of them are connected with the peculiarities of the soil or with errors in the design and construction. But, of course, each tower has an explanation of this feature. A good tower is usually not one but several legends associated with its slope. And certainly the leaning tower is a local (and sometimes known in the whole world) landmark. If the tower identified its status, it is immediately placed in local guidebooks, and even brings considerable income. We will cover the most famous bowing towers, each remarkable in its own way. The most famous of falling towers are one of the oldest. The tower is a bell tower and is part of the architectural ensemble, which also includes the cathedral, baptistery and cemetery. All this is built of white marble and it simply shines in sunny weather .

The Axum Stelae is a huge area where there are several huge stelae or obelisks. Along with other city attractions, the field of steles in the city attracts many tourists. These stelae date back from the 300 - 500 years BC and it is likely they appeared there before penetration into the territory of the appearance of the Christian religion into the territory.   ...

Ethiopia in The best countries in Africa

Known rather as some of the poorest countries in the world, countries on the African continent are home to pristine nature with unique landscapes, the greatest variety of wildlife and unique century-old traditions and cultures. Every country means a unique experience. Come make your own history here!
Total area: 1,104,300 km2 Population: 85,237,338 (2010 estimate) Density: 79/km2 Currency: Birr (ETB) Official language: Amharic Capital: Addis Ababa Government: Federal Parliamentary republic Internet TLD: .et Calling code: 251       Ethiopia is a country situated in North-Eastern Africa and shares borders with Sudan to the north ...

Ethiopia in The Poorest Countries in the World

The level of the economy in various countries around the world is not the same , somewhere it is very high and somewhere very low. GDP, literacy rate and employment are the main parameters to determine the level of a country's economy. According to the report of the United Nations, hunger causes the death of about 25,000 people daily. Unfortunately, more children die than adults. 982 million of the 4.8 billion people in the developing world live on $ 1 a day. Another 2.5 billion people live on less than $ 2 per day. What factors influence the level of the economy? These are the geography of the country, industrialization, colonialism, education, natural resources, infrastructure, overcrowding, investment, government debts.


Here is a list of the most-most of the world's poorest countries:

There are 9 in Asia:




East Timor







In Africa 33:


Burkina Faso







Democratic Republic of Congo






Equatorial Guinea












Southern Sudan


Tome and Principe Zambia


Oceania has 5:





Solomon Islands


The North America only one:



And 2 of the 4 th in the world:

Cape Verde



The world's poorest countries belong to their ratings, so it makes sense to select the top 10 most such, the number of GDP. This list begins with the very poor and can be a little different:




Solomon Islands








It is known by everybody that the economy is developing in different countries in different ways. The factors that make compiled rating may be noted by the gross domestic products, by the literacy rate and the percentage of the population of working citizens. Summing these factors in a special way, without any problems, can determine the level of the development of a region. Actually it was done. Based on some worldly reports it becomes clear to us that tens of thousands of people die every day directly from hunger. By the way, more than half of the world's population spends at least 30 rubles per day. These indicators are mainly related to poor developing countries of the world, because they are very backward and people do not want to work properly. In some cases this can be attributed to the nature and the lack of minerals.


Congo is a leader of the poorest state from the economy point of view. There always were constant wars and chaos.


Liberia has serious problems with the export, losing its diamond resources. It has a large number of debts and bad lives.


Zimbabwe is not much better than others. There is most inflation and a small amount of money, as a result, unemployment and related phenomena.


In Solomon Islands, then things are a little better. In this country there are a lot of fish, so it caught almost all the inhabitants of the country. From fossils, too, all very good. However, technological progress, or something else does not allow to live normally.


Somalia is the most militant. Usually people are engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding. However, there were many pirates who robbed everyone who came across their path. However, such a laugh did not improve their lives in general.


Disaster occurred in Comoros because of an increase in population. The result was a lack of jobs and defaults.


People in Guinea are engaged in agriculture and fishing. This is the only thing by which they can survive. As an additional problem may be noted viruses.


Summing up our ranking of the world's poorest places, we tried to make you understand their general backwardness. In these places, residents never shone with mind and they do not understand anything in modern technologies. The level of literacy suggests that schools are not the main places to get life skills. What they wanted got it. Just do not know how to create good living conditions, then let it grow at least something. The fact that there are rich and poor countries is known to many. But ordinary citizens do not realize how poor countries are ... poor . The fact that living standards in these countries is poor, often referred to international organizations. Well, try to find out about the top 10 poorest countries in the world, consisting of ten states.

Ethiopia has always been poor. Ethiopia's human development index is of 170 out of 177 poorest countries. GDP - per capital: $ 700 and it depends on agricultural activities. The agricultural sector suffers from inefficient technology and frequent droughts. 50% of the population live outside of poverty. Here are literate only 47% of men and 31% of women. Some areas of Ethiopia are at high risk of hepatitis A, hepatitis E, typhoid fever, malaria, rabies, meningococ ...

Sof Omar Caves, Ethiopia in The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World
Sof Omar Caves, Ethiopia

We see amazing things created by Mother Nature all around the world: huge mountains, beautiful plains, scary jungles and green forests, the lungs of our planet. Do we know everything about this world? Of course not, and the most interesting thing is that we know a little about what is on the surface of this planet, but nothing is really aware of the fact of what is at the bottom, below the surface. But underground there are many wonderful things, in particular, the caves, which keep their secrets from us humans. I want to present to you, dear readers, the most interesting and the most beautiful caves of our world. From childhood we are taught that there are caves with stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over centuries, millennia draining down water - drop by drop, and on the ceiling and the floor of the cave gradually formed tumors by mineral particles contained in water. Caves are subterranean voids that were formed by leaching of soft rocks, tectonic processes, etc. There is unique fauna in the caves, which members have developed other ways of feeling and movements due to the absence of light. Each cave is a special world, where you can see its beauty. Thus, the Onogonda Caves from Missouri and the Red Flute Cave of Canada are known for their stalactites and stalagmites. The last was named so because the whole cave has excellent acoustic properties, and despite its length of 240 meters, the flute is perfectly audible from end to end. There also are icy caves where there is plenty of both ice and fire. The ceilings of some caves are completely covered with ice, and at the bottom some lava flows. Such caves can be found in Vietnam, Scotland and Norway, respectively.


Cavity: the real meaning of peace


Cavities are formed by water, which create enormous empty spaces below the surface, washing out the breed for millennia. Few countries can boast such caves, the cave Deer, known as the longest mall in the world. A closer example, the Hugden Grotto, known for its waterfalls and in Slovenia Skocjan equally beautiful and frightening. Man slightly ennobled them, sheds and bridges were conducted under ground electricity, but it further emphasizes the wild nature of these caves. Morokkan cave in North Africa is probably the most unusual and beautiful cave in the world. The thing is that in the vault of this cave is a hole, through which the sun looks periodically. People took it as marked by God for a long time because what else enters the cave beside the sun?

Caves are places of mystery, paradox and beauty. Find out which are the most amazing and famous caves and grottos in the world created by nature.

If you look at caves in terms of geology, they represent only a cavity in the earth's crust, but the caves have played an important role in the development of humanity, and through fear of the unknown the man hasn’t studied thoroughly many of the caves of the planet. Many caves have survived the so-called "rock" pictures of the first people that make it possible to understand the life and culture of the ancient inhabitants of the earth. Many cav ...

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