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Guacara Taina - one of the most mysterious clubs in the world in The Best Night Clubs in the world
  Guacara Taina - one of the most mysterious clubs in the world

Insomnia and nocturnal style of life are always in fashion. For those who are tired of the nightclubs in their city, the best way to feel life will be to visit foreign discos and clubs. The first indicator to spend a good time are the interesting effects, the good music, and the audio technology. Some of the attractions of the clubs are the fun parties, fireworks, music and the white nights. Young people are most interested in parties, night clubs and discos. They form the night life market. The sensations that you get there make you crazy and happy. The owners of the clubs around the world choose the most fashionable decor for the nightlife expectation. The firs rank designers are called to project the interior of the Elite discos. From a nice party you get a great pleasure that makes you forget about the problems and the monotonous every day life. Bright large rooms, various cocktails, professional dancers, animation and delicious service transform an ordinary evening in a fairy tale. The famous DJs are invited to organize fantastic parties. When you are in such a place you pass in a state associated with something unexplained and beautiful. Very original and unrepeatable amusements are organized and people have a great time in such places. Once stepping the threshold of such a location makes you return there at every occasion with new expectations. The drive of the music makes summer holidays full of new feelings. The most famous celebrations take place in the most exclusive discos around the world. The most popular stars relax in the best VIP nightclubs. If you want to have a real sensational evening in a top club you should pay attention to the location and to the people that surround you. Here are the best and the most popular night clubs in the world that can always provide unforgettable impressions to you. I am sure these nightclubs will satisfy every desire, every wish and every fetish curiosity.

 The club can be found in  Santo Domingo, The Republic of  Dominican. So, if you go to a vacation in the Dominican Republic, do not forget to visit the  Guacara Taina Club. This club is remarkable because it is placed in a cave for more than a million years. It is a cave and one of the oldest clubs in the world. The club is located in an old underground and it will deliver an unforgettable experience for everybody. Guacara Taina is one of the famous night clubs in San ...

Salsa and merengue in Dominican Republic in The best destinations for dance lovers
Salsa and merengue in Dominican Republic

If dancing is your great passion, check out the best destinations for a memorable holiday, in joy moves!
  Besides the charming beaches and clear blue waters, the Caribbean is also recognized by salsa and merengue dances. Even if these two styles are different, they express the attitude and passion of living in places like Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.     While you can dance merengue only in pairs, salsa can be danced individually as well. Visit the show as La Guacara Taina, a place always full of locals and tourists, showing that salsa an ...

The Cave (Guacara Taina) in Dominican Republic in The most bizarre clubs in the world
The Cave (Guacara Taina) in Dominican Republic

Most bizarre clubs in the world
    The Cave is one of the oldest places in the world, that if you consider that the cave in which people dance until morning now formed in a million years ago.        It starts with a street surface, which slowly, slowly, down to a cave with a huge dance floor, surrounded by a view that's not how you look than agape. The cave has a depth of about two meters and can accommodate about 3,000 people. Has three dance floors, and a ...

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