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Costa Rica in The best places to live to escape world conflicts
Costa Rica

Best places to live to escape world conflicts
  Costa Rica has long been one of the most hot holiday destinations in Latin America, with over one million visitors each year. Despite this explosion of tourists, Costa Rica remains a place rich in biological diversity and natural wonders, a place where you can feel isolated from the madness of the modern world. National parks are the pride of the country. Authorities have limited third of the territory as protected area and set up dozens of wildlife reserves, to obtain a privilege ...

Costa Rica in Top travel places to visit in 2011
Costa Rica

The summer has just begun and the most expected holiday of the year is about to start too. Don't you know yet where to head on to have an adventure for a life or simply an amazing time? Check out our suggestions for the best travel places not to miss this year!
About Costa Rica     Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America, internationally renowned for its tourism potential. Being an oasis of peace and ecotourism heaven, all those who have visited Costa Rica come back here agreeing that it is a true paradise. In a relatively small space you can have the vacation you have been dreaming of, whether it is one fil ...

Costa Rica Country in The "greenest" countries in the world
Costa Rica Country

The "greenest" countries in the world
  Costa Rica is a country with high goals when it comes to environmental attitudes. 2021, Costa Rica hopes to be one of the few countries who will not use fossil fuel at all, preferring instead renewable energy. The very location of this country is its advantage, its people does not need to worry about heating their homes, because the fit temperatures generally between 20-25 degrees C. Costa Rica and the strong focus on afforestation as reduced pesticide use. ...

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