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Atacama Desert in Chile in The most extreme holiday destinations
Atacama Desert in Chile

Extreme destinations can be quite intriguing for excentric travelers. If you are one of them, check this out!
  If you do not like rain, go for Chile, specifically in the Atacama desert. You will not return saying how rain has ruined your vacation. Out of all the world's spots, this is the place where rainfall chances are the lowest. The falls rate is not more than five milliliters annually and it never rained in Calama city. Residents have big problems with liquid resources, water is very expensive in the entire area. On the other hand, if you decide to go, you can leave the spray for mosq ...

Chile in Countries with the best wine

Which is the country where the Wine is the best?
  Chile - a narrow strip of land (the length from north to south is about 4300 km and from west to east - an average of only 180 km) on the west coast of South America. This is a country with a relatively young wine culture. A number of factors combined make Chilean wines the best ones in South America. The soil here - varied, oceanic climate - moderate, and although almost universally requires irrigation, it poses no problem - streams and rivers flowing to the Pacific Ocean to ...

Chile in The best countries of South America

Exotic, colourful and mysterious, countries of South America await to be discovered! Which is the most attractive one? Check it out!
Total area: 756,950 km2 Population: 17,094,270(2010 estimate) Density: 22/km2 Currency : Peso (CLP) Official language(s): Spanish Capital: Santiago de Chile Governement: Unitary Presidential Republic Internet TLD: .cl Calling code: +56      A landscape as diverse as in Chile is described in folklore sources: "When God gave a glance to ...

Chuquicamata copper mine, Chile in The most amazing holes in the world
Chuquicamata copper mine, Chile

most amazing holes in the world
  Chuquicamata, or "Chuqui" is a career copper in Chile. It is the largest miner of copper production in the world and has over 850 meters deep. Copper is extracted here for centuries, as demonstrated by the discovery of a mummy dating from 550 AD died, called "Copper Man." ...

El Tatio Valley of Geysers, Andes, Chile in The Most Impressive Geysers on the Earth
El Tatio Valley of Geysers, Andes, Chile

Geyser ( Geysir , the name of one of the sources of " Golden Ring ", from the Islandic geysa - gush) is a source periodically ejecting fountains of hot water and steam. Geysers are one of the manifestations of later stages of volcanism , and common areas of modern volcanic activity provided by hydrogeological conditions. Being an intermittent hot water spring and vapor, volcanic, throwing water at regular intervals, to the sea lifting time form of a column, a geyser occurs if the activity of a volcano is at a late stage.


Large assets of geysers in the world are few , but they are of a rare beauty and fascination. They are a pride and remarkable natural phenomena for the states where they are situated . No matter what shape, cone-like or like fountains, geysers are rare as they need an almost perfect balance of heat and water conditions and the right rock and channeling.


Best spots of geysers in the world


There are few best spots of geysers in the world. There are only about a thousand geysers in the world situated on some major geothermal areas with geysers force on the Earth: Yellowstone Plateau in the U.S. A. (where it is concentrated about half of all existing geysers), Iceland, New Zeeland( 58 geysers), Kamchatka, Chile, Papua New Guinea ( 38 active geysers), Indonesia( Sumatra Island – 17 geysers), Eastern Africa ( 6 geysers), China ( 10 geysers), Japan ( 4 geysers), Ethiopia and Kenya( very few).


Europeans first learned about the Icelandic geysers in the thirteenth century. Yellowstone geysers were far from the civilized world until of the first decade of the nineteenth century. John Colter ‘s stories were perceived as nonsense for too long time. It took more than fifty years, unless specific expedition with the participation of artists and photographers convinced people of the existence of the world's largest geyser fields in the super-giant caldera of the dormant. In 1872, Yellowstone geysers were under the protection of the world's first national park. In 1850, a missionary from R. Taylor became aware of the geysers in New Zealand. It was only in 1941 that is only recently in historical terms, has been committed by one of the last great geographical discoveries on the planet. Thegeologist T. Ustinova and the conductor Alexander Krupenin, apparently, were the first humans to set foot on the shore of the river called Geyser.


What threatens the geysers? How long do they live? In some parts of the world geothermal geysers are simply former constructions. In the 19th century , New Zealand North Island had five major geyser fields, which erupted about 220 geysers, now it has only 58 geysers, some of them quite small. The reasons for the disappearance of New Zealand's geysers are different : natural disasters (volcanic eruption of Tarawera, changes on the groundwater levels), the drilling for the construction of thermal power plants, flooding during the construction of hydroelectric power. The most powerful geyser on the Earth , Waimangu existed in New Zealand from 1899 to 1904. With each eruption, it threw about 800 tons of water and trapped many jet stones raised by half a kilometer high. There are even cases of death, found themselves too close to the erupting from the giant. But Waimangu stopped working due to the lower water levels in the nearby lake.


Geysers are valuable destinations in the world. A fascinating circuit where you can live unforgettable moments is visiting spectacular attractions such as the mysterious geysers. They offer fascinating landscapes where majestic volcanoes and impressive lava formations are found together. If you are a geyser fan, we offer a selection of the most beautiful and largest geysers in the world.

The valley of huge geysers   El Tatio is a high geyser field on the border with Bolivia, one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Chile. The most impressive and dramatic geysers appear at dawn, that is why it is required to wake u ...

Lagoon in The most unusual holiday destinations in the world

Most unusual holiday destinations in the world
  It is the largest pool in the world. Made in San Alfonso del Mar, 90 km from Santiago, Chile, is equipped with a pool that measures 1013 meters long and covers an area of eight hectares, with an artificial lagoon. It cost $ 1.5 billion to be built and filled every six months and two million dollars is spent for its maintenance. ...

Los Caracoles Pass in The Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Los Caracoles Pass

Being a driver it is not the easiest and a risk-free task in the world, not because the handling of a car would be too difficult or that it requires superior abilities. The safety of each driver and each passenger of a car depends, to a great extent, on the traffic partners and the road.

There are places in the world where to drive is a challenge. There are roads so dangerous that the slightest wrong move can kill you. Most of them are suspended at heights and are not bounded by sides, others are dug through the rocks or the ice.


Do you consider yourself an experienced driver? Well, you can say that only after you have tried yourself on the toughest, most amazing and most dangerous roads of the world. This journey can be the biggest fear of your life or just another adventure. Persons interested in increasing their level of adrenaline will enjoy the world's most risky roads.

This road passes through mountain Andreas between Chile and Argentina. Los Caracoles is a series of ascends with an extremely steep slope. The road has many steep slopes and sharp turns without fences security. The road is snow-covered almost all the year. Snow together with the complex natural landscape requires extreme patience and driving skill to drive in emergency situations. However, this road is maint ...

Portillo Ski Resort, Santiago in The Most Spectacular Heated Swimming Pools Perfect for Winter
Portillo Ski Resort, Santiago

Don't you know where to go in winter?  If you are a lover of winter sports and mountains and if you are certainly excited about the cool season, the ski resorts all over the world offer the most luxurious and extravagant amenities for you to have a winter like in tales. Elegant hotels below offer something extra, for your holidays to be special, namely the five-star spas with heated outdoor pools, which allow you to enjoy a unique experience.Get acknowledged with the most perfect places to visit in winter.

 The fabulous resort Portillo Ski Resort, is situated at two hours from the Chilean city Santiago, in the heart of the Andes and it is considered one of the best mountain resorts in the world and certainly the most famous in South America, with a tradition of almost 60 years.  The Chilean  swimming pool is supplied with hot water coming from geothermal sources, making it ideal for a dip in the bosom of the nature even in  winter. ...

The Atacama Desert in The Cleanest Places in the World
The Atacama Desert

Do you have time and money and you want to get acquainted with one of the cleanest places on the planet? Do you want to get acknowledged with some other cultures, experience a lot of adventures and at the same time equally relax? Then, travel to one of the cleanest places on the Earth. This trip is suitable for lovers of beautiful landscapes and cultural values and anyone would be happy to spend little more money on luxury accommodation and excellent food.


Embark on an unforgettable beauty - hidden waterfalls, majestic cliffs, magnificent coves and bays. Many places on this planet have their special charm and amaze with breathtaking scenery. If you're tired of noisy places and pollution and want to recharge your batteries with positive energies it's worth trying something totally different.


Tourists worldwide are increasingly interested in the environmental performance of the countries and resorts where they will spend their holidays. Therefore, there are some places considered the cleanest on the Earth. Let’s discover these places and find out most interesting facts about them. Every traveler who visits one of these places can see the beauty of this land, the wonders of nature and its unique landscapes of its kind. Be amazed of the beauty and the accuracy of the places which are a real treasure of Mother Nature and enchant our souls and eyes.

Located in northern Chile, the Atacama desert is the most arid desert in the world. Rainfalls are almost completely absent in this place, but nevertheless it is considered one of the cleanest places in the world. The desert covers an area of 103,600 square km and the soil is lifeless. The researchers at NASA took advantage of it but just to test items designed to be sent to Mars. Here the clouds are ...

The National Park Torres del Paine, Chile in The most beautiful national parks in the world
The National Park Torres del Paine, Chile

The most beautiful national parks in the world
The National Park Torres del Paine is a national park of Chile located between the Andes and the Patagonian steppe. Administratively, it belongs to the XII Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region and the province of Ultima Esperanza  Covering an area of 181 414 hectares (242 ha or 242 depending on sources), the park was created May 13, 1959. It was declared a biosphere reserve, 28 April 1978 by UNESCO.  This park is managed by a state agency in Chile, ...

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