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Known rather as some of the poorest countries in the world, countries on the African continent are home to pristine nature with unique landscapes, the greatest variety of wildlife and unique century-old traditions and cultures. Every country means a unique experience. Come make your own history here!
Total area: 581,730 km2 Population: 2,029,307 (2010 estimate) Density: 3.4/km2 Currency: Pula (BWP) Official language(s): English, Setswana Capital: Gaborone Governement: Parliamentary republic Internet TLD: .bw Calling code: +267     Botswana is a country situated in Southern Africa and shares borders with Namibia to the west and north, ...

Wildebeest-amazing runner in The Fastest Animals in the World
Wildebeest-amazing runner

 If something moves, someone else wants to know how fast it moves and the speed that is registered. We cannot deny - the need for speed is in our blood.

To be fast in the animal kingdom is a very important factor when it comes to surviving.  To have a fast pair of legs can save the animals life and help catch up their food. This case is valid in the human world also, not only in the animal kingdom. The animals can move in a different way, but they all fight for one thing, just to stay alive. Several animals can run extremely fast and keep peace in their natural environment. These are really unique animals that enchant our eyes with spectacular races and fights. Take a deep look how far some creatures have to be in order to get away. For true lovers of animals we will recommend a list of the fastest animals in the world with a lot of useful and interesting information.

 Wildebeest-amazing runner   The wildebeest is a subspecies of the antelope, that appears more like a bull. There are two species of wildebeest, both of them are native to Africa. The wildebeest is a guaranteed source of prey for several large African animals, that often pick out the weaker wildebeest who escaped from their herd. These amazing animals are able to sense thunderstorms ...

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