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The most exquisite of Russian cities emphasizes itself by its special character and refined intelligence. This is St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city, a great centre of culture of indigenous people of the northern capital, which is often an occasion for jokes and pride. It's hard to believe, but in some places in St. Petersburg - for example, in the rush hour on the subway - you can still hear the phrase "Excuse me" and "please." 


St. Petersburg - perhaps the most large-scale experiment on crossing the European order and the Russian mentality. There is something about this city that gets under your skin. Many are ready to sing praises about St. Petersburg, and many would give everything to move here permanently.Others have criticized the city for gloom and depression, with the stable gray sky and shabby backyards, shocking underside of monuments of architecture of St. Petersburg. And even skeptics understand that melancholy here has a very different breed. When the heaviest clouds in gloomy afternoon creep on the golden spire of the Admiralty , it seems that even without the sun on the banks of the Neva, highly culture still exists. It's not like celebrations on the  Red Square on the background of the Asian Kremlin. Petersburg, anyway, is in Europe, well, or the "eurowindow", which so diligently the visionary Peter I chopped. The Russian Emperor was very kind to their offspring. He personally chose the site for the Nevsky prospect , thought should be where Peter and Paul Fortress  was. Trying to be "trending", with an eye to Venice and Amsterdam , Peter planned to ensnare a city network of canals and issued a decree according to which all the buildings - a hitherto unprecedented case in Russia - were to be built only in stone. Foreign guides, waving away the noisy Moscow , on the pages of Peter put forward in the first place. And hit the target. While the capital is choked with traffic jams , Petersburg City has lots of cheap and tolerable houses, a nice hotel near the Five corners, where it is already possible to climb on the enormous St. Isaac's Cathedral ,  "Aurora"  deck and to get lost in the labyrinths of the "Hermitage" . The notorious "spirit of St Petersburg" is legendary, but even if we expand it to chemical elements, we shall not reveal the secret. For some, Peter is  Baroque architecture of Rastrelli for someone else the chants of "Zenith" fans or gatherings at the "Idiot" restaurant. But the constant attribute of the Petersburg atmosphere is the fresh sea breeze, of numerous islands in the Neva delta. 

The city's white nights are legendary.Not in vain, St. Petersburg was known as the "Venice of the North".During the first World War was named Petrograd and after in hounour of the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin was re-named Leningrad. Give yourself plenty of time to discover the best places and cultural destinations to visit in Saint Petersburg!

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Kazan Cathedral

Image Kazan Cathedral - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

The Orthodox Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, which is one of the largest buildings in the northern capital is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on the Nevsky Prospect.Its height is 71.5 meters. There was a small wooden church of the Kazan Mother of God on the Nevsky Prospekt at the beginning of the XVIII century. In subsequent years, in its place a stone church was built, called Christmas. The Kazan icon of the Mother of God was brought in ...

Vasilyevsky Island

Image Vasilyevsky Island - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

Vasilyevsky Island, or affectionately "Vasika" is a favorite place for the people of the town. Long before this island was known by two names the Finnish Khirvisaari and the Russian Vasilyev Ostrov: "Vasilii 's Island".This is a special place where the breeze of the sea air is saturated with the spirit of imperial grandeur. The eastern part of the island is geometrically flawless...

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Image Peter and Paul Cathedral - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

This is the heart of St. Petersburg, the construction since the city began its origin. Peter and Paul Cathedral is situated inside the Peter and Paul Fortress along the Neva river. It is the tallest building after the television tower. Six bastions of the fortress were named after the companions of Peter I, who supervised their construction. Placed symmetrically, they look best from the sky. Th...

Gorchakovschinsky Falls and Lyubshanskaya Fortress

Image Gorchakovschinsky Falls and Lyubshanskaya Fortress - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

Not far from the historic village Issad in the woods you can find a beautiful waterfall - quite rare for this area. Gorchakovschinsky Falls is the highest waterfall of the Leningrad region which reaches the height of four meters. Visitors find the waterfall in its own beauty because it is situated in the forest. There is a unique monument of ancient architecture in this area too- the Lyubshanskaya fortress. It was opened in 1990, thanks to the ...

Senate Square

Image Senate Square - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

The Senate Square was part of the Alexander Garden at the Admiralty, and only at the end of the XIX century it was paved with cobblestone. It was here where in 1825 an uprising of the Decembrists took place (therefore the second name of the square is the Decembrists' Square), during which more than one thousand people died.It is situated on the left bank of the Bolshaya Neva, in front of Saint Isaac's Cathedral. ...

Botanical Garden,Saint Petersburg

Image Botanical Garden,Saint Petersburg - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

Peter the Great is rightly considered a statesman who laid the foundation of Russian science, including botany in its current form, by his Decree establishing the creation of the" Aptekarsky town", which in turn became the prototype of the current St. Petersburg Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg...

Seven Bridges (Semimostye)

Image Seven Bridges (Semimostye) - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

The image of St. Petersburg is inextricably linked with bridges. One of the bright sights of the city is Semimostye, a bunch of seven bridges, full of legends and fairy tales.The Seven Bridges Point is one of the most beautiful places in St. Petersburg!   If you find yourself on the embankment near the St. Nicholas Cathedral, you will be able to see the wonderful miracle of engineering - the intersection of ...

The Yusupov Palace

Image The Yusupov Palace - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

On the land where the palace stands now, had already been a palace in wood.However, the palace received its historical significance when it passed into the possession of the noble family of the Yusupovs. The Yusupov Palace , located on the bank of the Moika River, is a historical monument of architecture, which is often called the directory of the aristocratic interior of St. Petersburg. This is not surprising, because the palace belonged to five gen...

Royal Village(Tsarskoe Selo)

Image Royal Village(Tsarskoe Selo) - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) is an imperial residence, now democratically belongs to people. Located in Saint Persburg, the Catherine's Palace is not less beautiful than Peterhof, and it is known mainly for its Amber Room, associated with detective stories. The mosaic interior, entirely made of amber, was donated by Prussia to Peter I. But during the war this treasure of the imperial family disappeared, and historians still can not disclose the secret...

Orangery of the Tauride Garden

Image Orangery of the Tauride Garden - The Best Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg

The greenhouse of the Tauride Garden is a "paradise" time machine, which , despite the changeable Petersburg weather, can send you to exotic summer and acquaint you with strange plants. The Taurian greenhouse is one of the oldest in the city on the Neva, its creation being started by the English architect William Gould in 1792. Initially, not only strange trees and flowers were bred in the greenhouse, but also fruit tre...

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