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All people like to travel either you are an extrovert or an introvert, but usually an introvert prefers solitary activities, likes to dedicate more to thinking than to talking or socializing with others. Sooner or later  there comes a time when he or she  wants to enjoy solitude: to plunge into the endless thoughts, listening to the silence and dreams, remember the pleasant moments of the past or plan for the future.

So, where would you like to be at this moment? It is said that in the East or West, home is best, but we will show you the places that are perfect to escape from the everyday life and to fully enjoy the scenery around you.

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Image Glasgow - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow, in translation from Celtic means "dear green place" is one of the ideal places for introvert people. The city is really quite expensive and the whole is surrounded by greenery, but it has a very distinctive architectural appearance, combining Gothic, Italian Renaissance, Gregorian and Victorian styles. Glasgow Art is considered the center of Scotland and the venue for numerous f...

The Dark Hedges, Ireland

Image The Dark Hedges, Ireland - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

The Dark Hedges are located in Northern Ireland, within the village of Armoy. The history of the Dark Hedges dates back to 1750, when James Stewart planted 150 saplings. Due to the fact that over the time, the high branches of the trees intertwined, the locals began to call the alley dark . The fans of the popular series of the "Game of Thrones" will remember the scenic Royal Route. Th...

Santiago de la Ribera, Spain

Image Santiago de la Ribera, Spain - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

Santiago de la Ribera  is a beautiful city, which is located on the shores of the Mar Menor. This coastal region of San Javier started life as a simple fishing village. Nowadays it has grown into a popular holiday destination. Santiago de la Ribera has a modern look, but it still retains its fishing village atmosphere. It has a very nice promenade with majestic palm t...

Glacier National Park, U.S.A

Image Glacier National Park, U.S.A - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

Glacier National Park is a beautiful park in the mountains of Montana, located in the far north to the US border with Canada. Despite the great distance from the main tourist centers, the park is visited by no means a few people - about two million visitors a year attracted by the wild, rugged mountains and cliffs scenery with lots of gorgeous lakes and rivers. The park ...


Image Zugspitze,Germany - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

Germany, too, can be proud of its magnificent alpine peaks, and one of them, the highest and the coolest, attracts crowds of tourists from around the world each year. We are talking about Zugspitze , which reaches a height of almost 3,000 meters.  The whole mountain range, including the famous peak, located in the resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen , known for the White Olympics held h...

Mer de Glace, France

Image Mer de Glace, France - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

Mer de Glace is located on the northern slope of the Mont Blanc. This huge glacier is one of the greatest natural attractions of the French Alps and is actively visited by tourists. Its landscape and places give a lot of impressions and make an introvert person a lot to think. In addition to the array of ice there are several attractions, created by human hands. The area of the glacier Mer de Glac...

Haiku Stairs, Oahu, Hawaii

Image Haiku Stairs, Oahu, Hawaii - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

Haiku Stairs or the hiking trail in the heavens are on Oahu , the third largest island of Oahu in the central Pacific, in Hawaii, USA. The majestic Haiku Trail allows you to explore the scenic natural surroundings from a height of over 800 meters above the sea level! This walking route is cal...

Alberta, Canada

Image Alberta, Canada - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

One of the most interesting places for tourism in Canada is considered to be the western Alberta. It was named in the honor of Queen Victoria's daughter Louise Caroline Alberta. Tourists here can expanse: the wild forests, clean rivers and rugged mountains. Rabbits and ducks, squirrels and mice are carefully protected by the state. Here you can feel so safe that you are not afraid t...

Kyoto, Japan

Image Kyoto, Japan - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

If you want to feel the spirit of Japan, be sure to visit Kyoto temples and museums, the city, which is the ancient capital of the country.  A visit to this beautiful city will give you a lot of impressions.   Attractions Kyoto - "capital of the world" The city, of&n...

Yosemite National Park, U.S.A.

Image Yosemite National Park, U.S.A. - Top 10 places to visit for introverted people

For many people, the sunny California is associated with sandy beaches and palm trees. But nowhere in the state you will find more beautiful scenery than in Yosemite National Park. Few places of our planet are so many famous and beautiful as Yosemite sights. Landscapes here vary dramatically from one kilometer to the next. The rivers are flowing in the middle of mountain...

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