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Paris was named the most admired city in the world following a survey based on answers given according to six criteria, including reputation, location and culture.

Analysts from Anholt City Brands Index-GkK  did over 5,100 interviews conducted worldwide. Residents from 50 cities of  China, India, South Korea, Australia, United States, Brazil, Russia, France, Germany and the UK have responded to a questionnaire  choosing the most admired cities from 50 cities, according to six criteria : international reputation, place (transport, location), culture conditions (housing and public facilities), people (conviviality, safety and cultural diversity), educational and economic potential.


The result, published on 20 January 2016 was that the City of Lights was ranked  the first, displacing London. In previous ranking conducted in 2013, Paris  was ranked third, notes The study - which results are published every two years - was conducted in September 2015 shortly before the attacks of 13 November, but a few months after  January.   An admired City does not mean necessarily be  visited. "The attacks did not significantly change our lasting perception of the city," said Simon Anholt, creator standings, even though foreign tourists have not thought lately to visit soon Paris because the terms "state of emergency" and "conflict" are still present in their minds. "The attacks do not change the reasons why tourists admire the beauty, attractions and cultural life of the city", concludes Anholt.


The ranking of the 10 cities most admired  in the world admired, conducted by City Brands Index, comprises sequentially  the cities: Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Washington DC.

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 Italy's capital and one of the European cities full of history, is positioned in the province of Lazio in Italy. It is known for its seven hills: Capitoline, Palatine, Viminal, Quirinal, Esquilline, Caelian and Aventine and it is said  that they stood on the basis to build the city symbol for the Roman Empire.   The historic center of the city is r...

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