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We see amazing things created by Mother Nature all around the world: huge mountains, beautiful plains, scary jungles and green forests, the lungs of our planet. Do we know everything about this world? Of course not, and the most interesting thing is that we know a little about what is on the surface of this planet, but nothing is really aware of the fact of what is at the bottom, below the surface. But underground there are many wonderful things, in particular, the caves, which keep their secrets from us humans. I want to present to you, dear readers, the most interesting and the most beautiful caves of our world. From childhood we are taught that there are caves with stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over centuries, millennia draining down water - drop by drop, and on the ceiling and the floor of the cave gradually formed tumors by mineral particles contained in water. Caves are subterranean voids that were formed by leaching of soft rocks, tectonic processes, etc. There is unique fauna in the caves, which members have developed other ways of feeling and movements due to the absence of light. Each cave is a special world, where you can see its beauty. Thus, the Onogonda Caves from Missouri and the Red Flute Cave of Canada are known for their stalactites and stalagmites. The last was named so because the whole cave has excellent acoustic properties, and despite its length of 240 meters, the flute is perfectly audible from end to end. There also are icy caves where there is plenty of both ice and fire. The ceilings of some caves are completely covered with ice, and at the bottom some lava flows. Such caves can be found in Vietnam, Scotland and Norway, respectively.


Cavity: the real meaning of peace


Cavities are formed by water, which create enormous empty spaces below the surface, washing out the breed for millennia. Few countries can boast such caves, the cave Deer, known as the longest mall in the world. A closer example, the Hugden Grotto, known for its waterfalls and in Slovenia Skocjan equally beautiful and frightening. Man slightly ennobled them, sheds and bridges were conducted under ground electricity, but it further emphasizes the wild nature of these caves. Morokkan cave in North Africa is probably the most unusual and beautiful cave in the world. The thing is that in the vault of this cave is a hole, through which the sun looks periodically. People took it as marked by God for a long time because what else enters the cave beside the sun?

Caves are places of mystery, paradox and beauty. Find out which are the most amazing and famous caves and grottos in the world created by nature.

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Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

Image Jeita Grotto, Lebanon - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

Jeita Grotto is one of the most famous natural attractions in Lebanon. It is a complex consisting of two karst caves - the Upper and the Lower Caves formed by a river of limestone rock. The length of the lower cave is about 6900 m and the top is about 2200 m. The Lower cave was inhabited in prehistoric times, then it was re-opened by an American missionary in 1836. It was opened t...

Reed Flute Cave, China

Image Reed Flute Cave, China - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

All hand-made creations of mankind sometimes cause admiration, wonder or respect. From the fact that sometimes nature creates simply breathtaking views: it can be both an artist and a sculptor, a musician and a poet. "The Cave of reed flutes” is a magical chaos of forms and colors. Guilin is an ancient picturesque city located in southern China. Guilin has long been p...

The Marble Cave, Crimea

Image The Marble Cave, Crimea - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

One of the most beautiful karst caves in the world, located in the bowels of the mountain massif Chatyrdag south-east of Simferopol, Crimea, the Ukraine. According to the legend, the cave was discovered in 1987 by a shepherd who was looking for some lost sheep. The Marble Cave is undoubtedly one of the most famous caves of the world which has great beautiful halls. Visible from v...

Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

Image Škocjan Caves, Slovenia - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

The Škocjan Caves are a unique natural phenomenon, the creation of River River. The river originates below the plateau and flows in Sneznik fifty-five kilometers from the surface. After reaching the karst limestone surface that is, the river is not only deepening its bed by erosion, but also by corrosion and dissolves the limestone. In the first part of its course on the limestone, the river flows...

Ali-Sadr Cave, Iran

Image Ali-Sadr Cave, Iran - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

The Cave of Ali Sadr in Hamadan was opened in 1962 by a group of geologists. The cave has about 150-170 million years, much of it filled with water depths ranging from a half to fourteen feet. If you look at the stalactites of Ali-Sadr they are really wonderful and attract tourists from all over Iran. There are also frequent foreign visitors. A tourist and an entertainment complex that includes a hotel, a restaurant, an outdoor the...

Lechuguilla Cave,U.S.A.

Image Lechuguilla  Cave,U.S.A. - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

Lechuguilla Cave at National Park Carlsbad Caverns is one of the longest caves in the world (210 km and the deepest cave of the continental U.S. (-489 m ). The cave is unique in its origin and diversity of crystalline mineral deposits. The name matches the name of the canyon cave, which houses the entrance, and, in turn, it is called by the Latin name of common local species of agave ( Agave lechuguilla )...

Mammoth Cave National Park, U.S.A.

Image  Mammoth Cave National Park, U.S.A. - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

The Mammoth Cave is the longest underground system of labyrinths in the world. The Mammoth Cave is a place of beauty, mystery and paradox. It is now the realm of underground lakes and canyons, waterfalls and streams, narrow passages covered with a dome of large halls. Located 80 km from the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky cave contains one of the world's largest underground tunnels, so that is included in ...

Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

Image Waitomo Cave, New Zealand - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

Fireflies Waitomo Cave in the North Island of New Zealand is known for its populations of fireflies - Arachnocampa luminosa. These fireflies were found only in New Zealand and have the size of the average mosquito. The cave is part of the Waitomo Cave, which includes the Cave and Aranui Ruakuri Cave. Fireflies Cave offers visitors three different levels and starts at the top level caves and catacombs. Th...

The Crystal Cave of the Giants, Mexico

Image  The Crystal Cave of the Giants, Mexico - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

Deep in a mine in southern Mexico, in Chihuahua, there is a group of mineral crystals that are hidden from the human eyes. They have a height of several meters, generally of rectangular shape, but they are cylindrical, and the color changes from silver to gold. Most likely, the surrounding space was filled with crystals of the rock, which is gradually washed out by underground water flows, leaving such an unusual education. ...

Sof Omar Caves, Ethiopia

Image Sof Omar Caves, Ethiopia - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

If you look at caves in terms of geology, they represent only a cavity in the earth's crust, but the caves have played an important role in the development of humanity, and through fear of the unknown the man hasn’t studied thoroughly many of the caves of the planet. Many caves have survived the so-called "rock" pictures of the first people that make it possible to understand the life and culture of the ancient inhabitants of the earth. Many cav...

Big Bone Cave, USA

Image Big Bone Cave, USA - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

The Cave of Bones is a cave, located in the County of Van Baren, in Tennessee, which is known in the course of its history, and during the current recreational use. This cave is ranked among the National Register of Historic Places. The cave got its name due to the discovery of a giant sloth bones in 1811. The cave was managed as a mine saltpeter, especially during the War of 1812...

The Snake Cave, Crimea

Image The Snake Cave, Crimea - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

The Snake Cave got its name not from the fact that there snakes live and its main inhabitants are bats. But all the moves in a cave are so long and convoluted, that it gave it such name. The Snake cave is located just 10 kilometers from Simferopol, river valleys and Salgir Alma. The road to it has its roots in the clean village. The ascent to the cave is not very complicated, but it is still better to enli...

Huashan Caves, China

Image Huashan Caves, China - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

At the end of the last century in the Chinese province of Anhui, the Huangshan Caves were discovered. Many people immediately dubbed this unique nature as the eighth wonder of the world. In addition, the location of the famous caves is at 30 degrees North latitude (the same as the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle) right to the image of Chinese mining caves. This is something mystical and supernat...

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Image Batu Caves, Malaysia - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

Batu Caves are limestone caves which have a number of caves and cave temples, located in Gombak district, 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The name of the cave comes from Sungai Batu or the Batu River, which flows near the hill where the cave is located. Batu Caves is also the name of a nearby village. The Cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to the god M...

The cave of Lascaux, France

Image The cave of Lascaux, France - The Most Beautiful Caves and Grottos of the World

The cave of Lascaux is a cave complex in southwestern France famous for its cave paintings. The original caves are located near the village of Montignac, the department of Dordogne. They contain some of the most famous of the Early Paleolithic art. These paintings are estimated to scientists, 16 000 years. They primarily consist of realistic images of large animals, most of which are known from fossil evid...

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