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About The Most Futuristic Luxury Hotels in the World

We live in a dynamic and changing world. Therefore, the future will prosper only for those who have something special to offer. The hotel designers of tomorrow take into account these trends in creating the most futuristic hotels worldwide. And I’m more than sure that if you are a world traveler, a businessman or just an occasional tourist, these amazing, innovative hotels of the future will catch your attention and will take your breath away. If for the most luxurious hotels in the world opulence was the watchword, the key words that characterize the architectural jewels of the future are: luxury space, light, science fiction, super-technology, elegant curves, and exorbitant strategic locations – the hotels of tomorrow will not only be on land but also underwater and even cosmic. They are located in strategic destinations around the globe, locations truly out of this world. What is extraordinary is that some of these hotels have gone from being only a futuristic concept but began to become reality. The only luxury futuristic hotel completed is the famous Burj al Arab in Dubai (UAE). Here is the list of the top most futuristic luxury hotels in the world which are a proof that we witness remarkable changes. Welcome to the future!

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Hydropolis Underwater Hotel in Dubai

This hotel (which is still in the phase of a concept) will be the first underwater luxury hotel and the first hotel (self-proclaimed) of 10 stars in the world. Located in Jumeirah Beach at 20 m under water, the construction will have a concrete and steel structure. Plexiglas walls and the ceiling will allow residents to admire the beauty of the ocean in its true colors. Although...

Helix Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

A well-known international company “Leeser Architecture” has won the competition to design a five-star class "lux" hotel in the Bay of Zayed in Abu Dhabi. The Helix Hotel has a spiral shape without a single corner. The central part is filled with coastal air and sunlight. Thanks to the original design, each hotel room has a unique view from the window. The ...

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