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Have you ever seen some difficult streets or roads to climb? It sounds strange but there are some amazing streets, very steep and dangerous during some seasons. To live at the top of one of these roads would be an absolute nightmare. The steepest roads in the world are wonderful sited,must visit landscapes, that offer spectacular views and exciting adventures. These wonderful streets are  unique places, that were created due to the geographical position or due to their geology transfomation, offering some exceptional attractions. If you want to live the best moments of your life than choose some of these radical destinations and make your own opinion based on reality. This will be an unforgettable adventure for you, with fantastic sensations. Do not hesitate and enjoy some wonderful moments, while visiting the steepest roads in the world!!!!!!


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Baldwin Street

Image Baldwin Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

The Baldwin Street is beautifully located in the city of Dunedin, in the southern New Zeeland. The street  received the name of being the steepest street in the world. This 350 meters long street starts with a moderate slope and then climbs steeply reaching a maximum slope of about 19 degrees. The Baldwin Street is so steep that its surface had to be made of concrete instead of asphalt, because on a very hot day the tar would flow down the slope. The cit...

Lombard Street

Image Lombard Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

Lombard Street is a treasured rarity that represents San Francisco around the world. Lombard Street is one of America's crookedest and steepest streets that makes San Francisco very famous.This amazing hilly and steep street was founded with sharp curves to switchback down the one-way hill past exclusive Victorian mansions. If those strange curves, easing out this treacherous slope weren’t existing, people ...

Waipio Valley Road

Image Waipio Valley Road - The Steepest Roads in the World

 Waipio Valley is a marvelous valley located in the Hamakua District of the Big Island of Hawai’i. In the Hawaiian language  "Waipiʻo" means curved water. Waipio represents  a steep road that goes down into the valley from a great point located on the top of the southern wall of the valley. The Waipio Valley Road on the island of Hawai'i is the steepest road of its length in the world, reaching 250 ...

Canton Avenue

Image Canton Avenue - The Steepest Roads in the World

Canton Avenue, located in the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is considered the steepest street in the United States, featuring a maximum gradient of 37 %.  Canton Avenue represents a short cobbled street  attains a whopping 37%, or 20.3°, gradient, being the steepest public road in the United States and probably  in the whole world. Though only one-tenth of a mile long, for every 100 feet there is a 37-foot elevation gai...

Fargo Street

Image Fargo Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

The most well-known steep street in Los Angeles is the  Fargo Street located in the Silver Lake neighborhood. The street starts at its intersection with Rockford Road, and goes southeast  from the Silver Lake Reservoir and crests two beautiful ridges. Its steepest section, of about  32% grade, is visible between Alessandro and N. Alvarado streets. The Fargo Street is nestled in the Echo Park, which is inlcuded in t...

Maria Avenue

Image Maria Avenue - The Steepest Roads in the World

Maria Avenue lies straight up the southern slope of Dictionary Hill, attaining a surveyed grade of 32%  located just north of Chestnut Street. This portion of the road appears as paved with concrete, and it is cut off from the section above: the street View leaps straight across the gap, missing out this part of the road. The next block to the east would have been even steeper – Buena Vista Avenue is shown on the street map, but the builders unders...

Eldred Street

Image Eldred Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

 The tourists who are seriously looking for both difficult, unique and exciting exercises then they should escape to the Highland Park’s,on  Eldred Street. Recognized as the Los Angeles’s second steepest street, the Eldred Street appears with  an inclined 33% grade. The Eldred Street was founded in 1912 and named after Delos W. Eldred, who owned the property in the 1900s. The street trash collectors include very sophyst...

Vale Street

Image Vale Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

Totterdown is a hilly district and it includes probably the steepest residential street in the world. Maybe not the world’s, but Vale Street is quite a darn steep. Almost all the houses on this street  had been built at the end of the 19th century. A great example is the famous „Three Lamps’’, but later many houses and important businesses were devastated because of a planning decision that was taken ...

Filbert Street

Image Filbert Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

The steepest street in San Francisco, without curves, is Filbert Street, located two streets south of Lombard, also between Hyde and Leavenworth. The street features a 31 degree slope, definitely a challenge for walking and downright dangerous and perfect for roller skates. Located pretty close to Lombard Street, it has the same steepness, except they forgot to  introduce all the bends...

Calle Monroy Street

Image Calle Monroy Street - The Steepest Roads in the World

Calle Monroy Street is icluded in the district of Santa Ursula, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Monroy Street descends from 638 to 430 metres and has a length of only 740 metres.  The average gradient over the entire street is of 28.1% , with a slope of 1 in 3.56, compared to Baldwin Street with a medium gradient of about ~22.3%. If we take the entire length of the street then we can determine the average gradient of the st...

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