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Frankfurt is a 2000-years old city which offers several of destinations to spend a real unforgettable vacantion. Gifted with many pitoresque landscapes this spectacular city amazes the tourist for its originality and sobriety. It is a great city, just perfect for a trip, offering more than 50 museums, amazing skyscrapers, shopping streets, night clubs, everything that will make your stay memorable and pleasant. Check out Frankfurt’s best attractions and you will be totally impressed about its magnificent beauty.
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Bethmann Park

Image Bethmann Park - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

   Frankfurt’s Bethmann Park is beautiful landscape, appears as a perfect refuge, hidden behind stone walls in a very busy part of the city. It is very famous for its colorful flowers, the perfect oasis to take a deep breathe of fresh air surrounded just by the beauty of the nature, away from the noisy crowd of the city. Frankfurt is well known for its retired parks, and Bethmann Park is a shining jewel in the city, one of the most gorgeous outdoor spaces. The park initia...


Image Kaiserdom - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

    Kaiserdom is also known as St.Bartholomew Cathedral of the Emperors, that was built in the 13th century. In the city of Frankfurt this cathedral represent a treasured artwork, the most valuable and notable building standing here for hundred of years. This is a very famous church due to the fact that all the German Kings and Emperors of the Roman Empire were elected and crowned in this sacred place. The first church that was discovered on Kaiserdom territory seems to be buil...


Image  Rӧmerberg   - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

  Rӧmerberg is the most beautiful and spectacular old square of the city of Frankfurt. Starting with 12th century on the square territory were coming merchants, drawing visitors for the trade fairs, who came even from Italy or France. This is also called Frankfurt Market Square because there you still can see bakeries, markets and shops. Some of the markets developed during the time and created the Frankfurter Messe. One of those fairs still exists, Frankfurt Book Fair. The Rӧmerber...

Commertzbank Tower

Image Commertzbank Tower - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

   Commertzbank Tower is a imposant tower in the city of Frankfurt, and was the tallest building in Europe in the year that it was completed, 1997. The building represents an ecological skyscraper because of its sky gardens and unique technologies of saving the energy. For a city like Frankfurt, that preserves the historical buildings, the skyscrapers were not really accepted. Only some important landmarks were rebuilt after the bombardments  during the World War II. But s...

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

Image Senckenberg Museum of Natural History - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

    One of the most important museum of natural history in Germany and a member of UNESCO World Heritage, Senckenberg Museum of Natural History is a shining jewel in the city of Frankfurt. This museum includes exhibits that reflect the biodiversity of the life and the evolution of the organism during the past eras. Is one of the most valuable destinations in Frankfurt, which includes a various collection of dinosaur skeletons, an anaconda that swallows a water boar, and many ot...


Image Grüneburgpark - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

   The Grüneburgpark is one of the most splendid parks of the city of Frankfurt, which is situated in the Westend district of the city. The name belongs to the “Green Castle” that stands on that area since the 14th century, appearing on a beautiful landscape decorated in a English style. In 1789 Peter Heinrich Metzler had purchased the place and started to design the park, named it Green Castle. Later during the 19th century the domain was bought by the famous ...

Alte Oper

Image Alte Oper - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

  Alte Oper was construction to be as the Frankfurt’s Opera House, but during the time it has transformed into a gorgeous concerts halls in Germany. On October 20th, 1880, the Opera House was officially open to the public, after 7 years of construction. This amazing Opera House was dedicated to the citizens of Frankfurt and was designed by the architect Richard Lucae. The construction of the building was financially sustained by the residents of the city of Frankfurt,...


Image Paulskirche - The most attractive places to visit in Frankfurt, Germany

   Located in a pitoresque landscape, St.Paul’s  Church is a very magnificent neo-classical church. The Paulskirche, was built between 1789-1833, as the site for the first elected Parliament of Germany. It represents the symbol of the movement of German Democracy. The Vorparliament hold its meetings in this building from March 31 untill April 3,1848, preparing for the elections of the first freely elected Parliament. The National Assembly was established on March 18,...

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