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Pattaya is one of the best tourism destinations in order to have fun, to enjoy the pleaures of a fabulous holiday. One of the most exciting experiences is to go for a walk on a promenade and to explore the plesures of Pattayas night life.
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Lucifer Night Club

Image Lucifer Night Club - The best night clubs in Pattaya

 Night life in Pattaya is concentrated in the promenade Walking Street in South Pattaya. After 7 pm the streets are closed to automobile traffic and turns into a pedestrian road. Bars, restaurants, discos, go-go bars, shops of clothing and souvenirs - all you will find on the promenade. If you come to Thailand for the first time, then you have to make a  promenade, is here that you can feel that Thailand –is  a "country of contrasts." Of particu...

Mixx Club

Image Mixx Club - The best night clubs in Pattaya

       The Mixx Club is one of the best known clubs of Pattaya. It attracts a great number of  foreign and local visitors. The Mixx club complex is one of the must visit places in your trip in Pattaya. Club Mixx is located on the third floor of the shopping complex of Bali Hai Plaza, on the southern end of Walking Street.       The most popular music in Mixx club are presented in two ro...

Marine Club

Image  Marine Club - The best night clubs in Pattaya

      Marine Club is one of the best clubs in Pattaya. Due to its impressive programs, is still one of the best clubs for sound and music. The atmosphere is pleasant and the place is full with atractive people. Marine club was called girls world, because the visitors were almost all women. Now, Marine Disco is still one of the most visited locations on Walking Street in Pattaya.     Alth...

Insomnia Night Club

Image Insomnia Night Club - The best night clubs in Pattaya

 Especially for fans who enjoy the nightlife, in Pattaya is a nightclub, which is called - «Insomnia». By the way, the co-founder of the club is an Ukrainian born in Australia. That is why there are always welcome guests from the CIS.  You can easiely record a visit at the Insomia Complex and you will surely find the answear for the question "where is the Thai capital to go at night?" - Of course in «Insomnia»!  ...

Tony's Disco & Entertainment

Image  Tony's Disco & Entertainment  - The best night clubs in Pattaya

    Tony's Disco & Entertainment Complex is one of the most famous night clubs in Pattaya. It has a variety of services to offer in order to satisfy every disposition. In club’s presentations are included concerts by international artists, exciting costume shows, graceful cabarets, excelent dance music. Also through the club’s services, you can choose the bowling lanes, billiards, tasty food, a chil...

The Xzyte Disco

Image The Xzyte Disco - The best night clubs in Pattaya

  The Xzyte Disco is located on Pattaya Third Road. It is a large and modern Thai-style disco with live music and original dance presentations. The music represents the Thai dance pop. The entry fee is about 200 Baht, which includes a free cocktail. The activities which will attract you during the evening include live music, Thai-style pubs or Karaoke bars.    ...

The Blues Factory

Image The Blues Factory - The best night clubs in Pattaya

  The Blues Factory represents through its presentations the live music on the eastern shore of Thailand. The club was inaugurated in March 2001. The thing that distinguishes the Blues Factory by other places is Blues, R&B and Rock and Roll music, played by the best musicians, in a nice and cozy environment. The visitors are treated like guests and are offered the best performance they ever joined.     The club hosts presenta...

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