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For a complete travel in Australia check out the beauty of its capital-Sydney which is an unforgettable city from entire world. It has a specific atmosphere and will delight your eyes with the unique buildings and museums. It will fascinate you through its marvelous nature which is in a perfect harmony with its cultural life.
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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Image Sydney Harbour Bridge - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

   Sydney Harbor Bridge is a magnificent attraction for Sydney and can be seen from each side of the district The Rocks or from the centre of the city. This bridge is not a record for its length but  its structure is very impressive.   The famous Sydney Harbor Bridge lies on harbour at its narrowest point between Dawes and Milsons Points. It is a steel arch bridge with a reinforced concrete deck  and concrete pylons which at the time of its foundat...

The Sydney Opera House

Image The Sydney Opera House - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

    The Sydney Opera House is the symbol of Australia, and one of the most famous buildings in the world. It is situated on the top of the Bennelong Point  which reaches out into the harbour. The skyline of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the blue water of the harbour and the Sydney Opera House, viewed from a ferry or from the air, is unforgettable and magnific. This unique place was designed by a danish architect- Jorn Utzon,and was inaugurated in 1973.   ...

Sydney Tower

Image Sydney Tower - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

  Sydney Tower takes you to the highest point in Sydney that offers a great 360 degrees view over the city. Construction of the tower started in 1993 and became useful on Saturday 6 January 1996 and costs about 36 million Australian dollars. Is the most proeminent touristis attraction in the city, being visible for a long distance and is always open for the public.     It considers to be the tallest free-standing structure and the second  ta...

Taronga Zoo

Image Taronga Zoo - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

   Taronga Zoo is situated  on a elevated land  along the waterfront which offers a great view over the  Sydney Opera House,  over the Harbour Bridge. Sydney Taronga Zoo has something to show for whole family and for all ages: there are more than 350 species of animals, and the zoo is home to australian wildlife with a big collection of exotic species of animals.   Taronga Zoo has officialy opened on 7th of october 1916 and includes 21 he...


Image Parramatta - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

   Parramatta is a historical heritage centre in Sydney and the first settlement appeared here in 18th century. The most famous houses in this area are the Old Government House  and Elizabeth Farm. This is the perfect place where you can meet different ethnic goups as : european, indian, chinese or african that live together in harmony.   Parramatta has its own school, that is one of the best schools in Sydney. In addition here you can find a huge park ...

Hyde Park

Image Hyde Park - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

  Hyde Park is situated on the eastern side of the Sydney Central Business District. It is the city central green space . This peaceful place offers some fresh air and is perfect for office workers that escape from their boring life. Firstly on this place was a racecourse and sporting ground where took place a lot of competitions during the year. Now you can see only visitors enjoying in a bike ride.   The central pathway in the park is very exceptiona...

Darling Harbour

Image Darling Harbour - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

   Darling Harbour is situated in the very heart of Sydney and is a recreational area. During the 19th century it  was the largest seaport in Sydney. Initially there was the place where were receving fresh produce and timber from Parramatta. In 1984 the Government decided to create a space for leisure, culture and business center. In our days the harbour is the best destination for leisure and entertainment where you can spend time in a lot of museums or restaurants. ...

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Image  Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens - The best places to visit in Sydney, Australia

   Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens situated south from the Sydney Harbour and it is a 30 hectares of green space. The Royal Gardens are open during the year every day except for Christmas Day and Good Friday. This place dates since 1816, and is the oldest Australia’s scientific place and has a plant collection for about 7500 species. These gardens offer an exceptional view over the Sydney Harbour and Opera House as well.   The gardens are the home to the ...

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