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In the heart of the Mediterranean, on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania is fast becoming one of the world's most interesting getaways. Still relatively unspoiled by globalization, tourists will notice an inspiring mixture of civilizations and cultures - making this European country truly unique.
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The Dhermiu village

 Dhermiu is a small  village located between high mountain and the Ionian Sea. &nbs  Becouse of its location and nice weather Dhermiu is visited  by turists all arond the world.  During the trip to Dhermiu you could notice that is one of the most places in Albania. These places impress you with its peaceful and solemn silence.   The beaches of the Ionian Sea will impress you with its warm sand and beautiful landscape. Besi...

The Et'hem Beu Mosque in Tirana

    The Et'hem Beu Mosque of Tirana is a monument with historical segnificance. The mosque was built by Mulla Beu in 1794 and the constuction was finished in 1821. The main place in the Et'hem Beu Mosque is the prayer room which is coated by a huge cupola. In course of time it was built an addition room for praying. The prayer room has an important significance for all who visit the mosque.     The Mosque of ...

The ruined Corinthian city of Apollonia

  Apollonia is located in the western part on Albania, in the region of Fier, within close proximity to the village of Pojani and 120 km away from the capital city Tirana.   It is a ruined Corinthian city and is considered by specialists the greatest archaeological site in Albania, where the ancient remains can still be admired today. Two significant structures still stand today at Apollonia and these are the fa├žade of a temple and a small Roman theatre ; there ca...

The Kalaja Fortress of Tirana

  The Kalaja Fortress of Tirana, also referred to as Fortress of Justinian, once an administrative residence in ancient times, stands now as testimony to the past grandeur of Tirana. It is located in the very heart of Tirana and can be considered the very centre of Albia itself. The fortress was strategically positioned at the crossroads of the main roads connecting the east with the west and the north to the south of Tirana.   The Kalaja Fortress of Tirana has a lo...

The Museum City of Berat

 The Museum City Berat is an important historical place which has to be visited by all tourists that travel in Albania. Its existence dates 2,400 years. Aso, Berat was the capital of Albania. The town of Berat is rich in architecture, culture and history. Berat is a really a fabulous city which is considered to be the “City of thousand windows.    The Berat city is located in south of Albania and near the well known Mountain Tomorri. From...

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