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The Berlin Wall

Image The Berlin Wall - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Berlin Wall, which divided the city into two parts, east and west, was the symbol of the Cold War. Built by the German Democratic Republic government to prevent the East Germans to flee to West Germany, most of it was demolished since the border between East and West was opened in 1989.     After WWII, Germany was divided into four zones: one American, British, French and Soviet. Berlin was also divided into four sectors. In 1948, Soviet author...

The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany

Image The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

   The Sealife and AquaDom aquarium is located in the heart of the former East Berlin, divided into two parts with a single ticket available. Located inside the Radisson hotel in Berlin, in the lobby, the AquaDom is the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world. At a height of 25 meters and a diameter of 11 meters, this aquarium almost one million liters houses nearly 2,600 fish from 56 different species. The Sealife recreates in aquariums and ponds adorned with déc...

Museum Island

Image Museum Island - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Museum Island in Berlin has received from UNESCO World Heritage membership. This island museum was designed to be "a sanctuary of art and science". The five museums are included in the Museum Island are located between Kupfergraben and river Spree. This extraordinary group of museums was begun by King Friedrich Wilhelm III who made possible the Royal Museum building in 1830 - today Altes Museum (Old Museum). The museum was built to allow the public and can see the royal ...

Brandenburg Gate

Image Brandenburg Gate - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Brandenburg Gate is a monumental gate built in the 18th century as a symbol of peace. During the Cold War, as the gate was located right on the border of East and West, it became a symbol of a divided city. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of reunified Berlin. The desolated area of Pariser Platz of the Cold War has now been completely renovated and has regained much of the past grandeur it had in the 19th century. The Brandenburg Gate is located...

Berlin Zoological Garden

Image Berlin Zoological Garden - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  One of the largest zoos in the world, Zoologischer Garten Berlin, which is the well-ordered city visitors since its opening now more than 150 years. Open for the first time in 1844, the Berlin Zoo was built as a gift from King Friedrich Wilhelm IV to Berlin. King gave his menagerie of animals to fill the cages and opened habitalele garden designed by Peter Lenne.     The idea of opening a zoo belonged to Alexander von Humboldt and explorer and ...


Image Reichstag - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Reichstag, German Parliament building is one of the most important historical and tourist attractions in Berlin. Parliament building is near the Brandenburg Gate and before the unification of Germany was even approached the Berlin Wall.     After founding the German Empire in 1872, came a need for a bigger Parliament building in Berlin. Had to pass another 10 years before it could reach agreement on the project. The competition was organized an...


Image Alexanderplatz - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  In the early 19th century, Alexanderplatz was one of the most troubled markets of the entire Berlin. Since the Middle Ages, Alexanderplatz was at the center and Reunification, the market has become a main point of interest and an important tourist attraction. In the distant past was called Ochsenmarkt market or bull market, but in 1805, after a visit to the Russian Tsar Alexander I, was renamed to Alexanderplatz. Berliners refer to this market using a name easier to pronounce - &q...

Checkpoint Charlie

Image Checkpoint Charlie - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Checkpoint Charlie (checkpoint C), one of the last symbols of the Cold War, is the place that best summarize the separation between east and west. For nearly 30 years, this crossing point was not only Germany but also a divided island in a sea of political turmoil.     The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 by East German government. Shortly after the lifting of the wall, President John F. Kennedy ordered U.S. forces to build three checkpoints in ...

Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Image Kaiser Wilhelm Church - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church is one of the most remarkable sights in Berlin. Damaged tower is a symbol of strength Berlin recover after war and a constant reminder of the devastation caused by this war. Breitscheidplatz Church is located in the center of West Berlin. Still the commercial center of Berlin Street and Europe Ku'Damm shopping center nearby.     Built between 1891 and 1895 by Kaiser Wilhelm II, the church was a symbol of Prussian ...

Berliner Dom

Image Berliner Dom - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Berliner Dom is a baroque cathedral built between 1894 and 1905. It is located on an island on the river Spree, known as Museum Island. Current building is the third church built in this location.     The first church was built here in 1465. This somewhat modest building later served as the church yard of the Hohenzollern family. The church was replaced by a cathedral was built between 1745 and 1747 in Baroque style after a project of Johann Bo...

Charlottenburg Palace

Image Charlottenburg Palace - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Scloss Charlottenburg is a baroque palace dating from the early 18th century and is located in the Charlottenburg district of western town. The building burnt down during the Second World War but was completely rebuilt. Charlottenburg is the largest palace in Berlin. The core was originally built between 1695 and 1699 as a summer residence for Sophie Charlotte, wife of Elector of Brandenburg, Frederick III.     The palace designed by Johann Arn...

Potsdamer Platz

Image Potsdamer Platz  - The best places to visit in Berlin, Germany

  Potsdamer Platz was completely destroyed during the war but before that was the busiest intersection in Europe. In 1998, the new Potsdamer Platz, full of modern building was officially inaugurated. In the 1920s and 30 Potsdamerplatz was one of the busiest and most lively markets in Europe. Was a major center for public transport and entertainment area. In the area were finding very many bars, cafes and cinemas.     Potsdamerplatz tumultuous lif...

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