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Best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Red Light District

Image Red Light District - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Red district of Amsterdam is a major tourist attraction of Amsterdam. Is known as the "Walletjes. It consists of a network of paths which are a large number of small room rented especially for women who offer their services behind a special glass or glass doors, these rooms are usually decorated with red lights. The whole area has a predominantly air entertainment for adults, is full of entertainment for adults, sexual accessories stores, adult movie theaters and a sex museum...

Royal Palace

Image Royal Palace - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

   Royal Palace in Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam's Dam Square in the center. It was originally built to serve as building the mayor and magistrates of Amsterdam. In the seventeenth century was the largest building in Europe. Royal Palace in Dam Square is one of three palaces in the Dutch State has provided to the Queen by a decision of parliament. The palace is used mainly for official events, visits at the highest level, special receptions and reception on the occasion of New Y...

Van Gogh Museum

Image Van Gogh Museum - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  A visit to Van Gogh museum is a unique experience during a vacation in Amsterdam. The museum contains the largest collection of paintings of Van Gogh in the world. The exhibit allows visitors to observe closely the evolution of the artist or compare his paintings with other artists of the nineteenth century. The museum also offers its visitors and other art exhibitions on various topics of the nineteenth century.     Van Gogh Museum's permanent...

Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Image Artis Zoo Amsterdam - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Artis Zoo Founded in 1838 is still as charming as now nearly two centuries. Zoo is not only an oasis in the midst of a very hectic city, but sheltered and over 700 species and 200 tree species more endangered. Artis Zoo is one of the few zoos in Europe has so many interesting buildings or perimeter. Among them stands the Grand Museum (1855), only the library building (1867) and Aquarium (1882).     In the Aquarium you can see creatures living i...

Madame Tussauds Museum

Image Madame Tussauds Museum - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  The museum Madame Tussauds wax figures in Amsterdam, is like that of London, where you can shoot with Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Oprah Winfrey. Museum offers visitors a more interactive and Music Zone where you can play with your favorite stars.     Wax Museum is located in Dam Square and is a fun and impressive museum like the Museum of London mother. Museum in Amsterdam is actually a branch of the well-known London museum, who h...

Amsterdam Channels

Image Amsterdam Channels - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Due to its numerous canals, Amsterdam has been called "the Venice of the North". For this reason, a trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a boat ride channels. A tour of the channels can be fascinating and relaxing during the day, but lovely and romantic at night when most homes and bridges are illuminated in different colors. The town is crossed by four main channels namely: Prinsen (Prinsengracht - Channel Princess), Heren, Keizers and Singel. Also, there are numer...

Albert Cuyp Market

Image Albert Cuyp Market - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

   Albert Cuyp Market is best known and busiest outdoor market in Europe. This market attracts thousands of visitors each day and is especially popular on Saturdays. There are over 300 booths furnished with goods ranging from fresh produce - vegetables, fruit - in clothing and other oddities. Prices in this market are the lowest in Amsterdam. Albert Cuyp market is located in the Pijp district and is surrounded by lots of lovely cafes and tiny shops....

Vondel Park

Image Vondel Park - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Vondel Park is Amsterdam's largest park and one of the most popular parks in the Netherlands, a sight that can not be missed on vacation in Amsterdam. Vondel Park is visited year over 10 million people. It is located near the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.      Vondel Park Amsterdam but is loved by residents and tourists, and summer is filled with people especially during summer when everyone enjoy pleasurable moments of relaxation i...

Rembrandt Square

Image Rembrandt Square - The best places to visit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

   Rembrandt Square was formerly the butter market. Built in 1668, this market is currently decorated with pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels attract tourists like a magnet, especially the young. The market is known especially for its night life: many traditional pubs where you can enjoy authentic Dutch music. In summer, the terraces are full of people who enjoy a drink and look around them. The market center is a small and lovely park where you can relax and pay homage to the mast...

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