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Best places to visit in Paris
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Alexander Bridge in Paris, France

Image Alexander Bridge in Paris, France - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   The building of the bridge took place in late nineteenth century and lasted almost three years. The structure was made in a factory and then transported and assembled using a huge crane. It is built of steel and stone in Art Nouveau style. The result is a 107.5 meters long, 40 meters wide and 6 feet tall bridge.    The bridge is decorated with lanterns, angels and nymphs. At the bridge ends are gilded with gold statues perched on pillars 17 meters high. E...

Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

Image Sacre Coeur and Montmartre - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   Sacre Coeur Basilica is a Roman Catholic basilica and a popular tourist attraction in Paris. It is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The building is located on the highest point in town. In 1873 the Paris city councilors voted a law on expropriation of land for construction of Montmartre hilltop basilica. Architect Paul Abadie designed the basilica after winning a competition against 77 other architects. It was already known for his work on the restoration of St-Front ...

Versailles Palace

Image Versailles Palace - The best places to visit in Paris, France

    Versailles was the official residence of French kings between 1682 and 1790. Originally it was only a hunting box, built in 1624 by Louis XIII. It was expanded by Louis XIV in early 1669. Sun King at his amorous escapades used for building a beautiful garden around the palace. Which was directed toward the garden terrace was demolished and its place was designed Hall of Mirrors, where was decided the destiny of Europe for more than a century.    ...

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Image Eiffel Tower in Paris, France - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   Undoubtedly, the Eiffel Tower in central Paris is the most important metal construction of the nineteenth century. Tower foundation was made in 1887 by Gustave Eiffel, who said that the tower is a monument in honor of the French Revolution of 1789, which opened the way "a century of industry and technology."      Initially, the Eiffel Tower was 300.5 meters, but after placing a television antenna, its height is 320.75 meters. We...

Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Image Louvre Museum in Paris, France - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   It is one of the most famous symbols of Paris. Louvre is an art gallery and museum renown in all the world. A former royal palace, it was turned in 1793 as a museum. The interest in the Louvre increased with the mention in Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code. Built as a royal palace, the building is a masterpiece in itself, "guarded" by a huge equestrian statue of King Louis XIV.      Hosting over 35,000 works held in eight departme...

Arc de Triomphe

Image Arc de Triomphe - The best places to visit in Paris, France

  In the heart of a bustling city like Paris, in a district where business, trade and tourism combines perfectly with each other, the Arc de Triomphe is linked to our collective subconscious in a way that exceeds its artistic and architectural. Building the monument was meant to be a tribute victories of Napoleon, was not completed until the battle of Waterloo led to his overthrow.       Arc de Triomphe was built over the remains of an ...

Notre Dame de Paris

Image Notre Dame de Paris - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   With its Gothic grandeur of Notre Dame in Paris, not only dominates the river Seine and Ile-de-la-Cite and history but the French capital. The place where today rises the majestic edifice sacred ancient Romans erected a temple dedicated to Jupiter, which was then followed by a basilica and a Romanesque church dedicated to St. Stephen, built Hildebert Merovingian king in 528.      Initiative to build a cathedral, approximately 900 years ag...

The House of Invalids

Image The House of Invalids - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   In 1670, Louis the 14th, ordered to build Dome Invalides, a military hospital able to treat wounded French soldiers in the wars in Europe. The name is short for the dome? Hôpital des Invalides?. In 1676 when construction was completed dome, around the dome was the most famous being 15 yards? Court of Honor?, Where military parades were held and. Later, the veterans asked a chapel, which was built in 1679 (Eglise Saint Louis des Invalides)   ...

The Tuileries Gardens

Image The Tuileries Gardens - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   Tuileries Gardens extends over about 25 hectares and still retains the main features printed landscape architect Andre Le Notre in 1664. Are surrounded by the Louvre to the east, south of the Seine, west of the Place de la Concorde and the north of the Rue de Tivoli. Plan a wonderful open view along the central axis of the west facade, with pools that continue from one another, which are spread in an unbroken line, bordered by trees and ornamental shrubs, forming the so-called &q...

Jardin de Luxembourg and Luxembourg Palace

Image Jardin de Luxembourg and Luxembourg Palace - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   Luxembourg Gardens is probably the most popular park in Paris. Is in the 6th arrondissement, near the Sorbonne. Park of 22 hectares, was designed in 1612 in a purely French style and in the 19th century was open to the public until it was private.       In the center of the park there is an octagonal pond, known as the Grand Bassin. Here, children can rent boat. Another attraction for children is puppets. Around the pool are alleys a...

Place de la Concorde

Image Place de la Concorde - The best places to visit in Paris, France

   Place de la Concorde is the largest public square in Paris and separate the Tuileries Gardens to the Champs-Elysees. It was originally called Market Louis XV and was placed in the middle or one of his equestrian statue. The building is shaped as an octagon market began in 1754 and was completed in 1763.       A period after its construction, the market served as a meeting place for participants in the bloodiest revolution in French h...

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